How Banks are Driving Online Conversions & Building Customer Loyalty with Live Chat

Feb 23, 2012

Download Live chat is essential to the success of the online channel for today's banks and credit unions. Its importance simply cannot be overstated.

At a time when customer retention is more important than ever, the value of quick answers and personal, human interaction is crucial, not only to achieve customer satisfaction, but to bolster the banking relationships upon which financial institutions are built. Live chat does that?while also driving conversions, lowering operating costs and streamlining efficiency.

Financial institutions are well aware of these realities, which is why current trend points with force of necessity to strategies like website personalization, CRM development and interactive marketing. In no uncertain terms, it points to live chat as a competitive necessity in the world of online finance. As a competitive advantage, it points to video chat.

In the trajectory of online banking, live chat is the next logical step.


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