The Impact Of Poor Web Site Performance In Financial Services

by Akamai

Jun 27, 2012

Download Financial service companies have now been using the Web to service accounts for more than 15 years. Over the years, there have been various reports and studies about the importance and need for an ever-expanding menu of features and functions - an element that has never been given its just due regarding the importance of Web site performance and its effect on the customer experience, actions, and satisfaction of users.

Akamai Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to help understand the state of the Web related to financial services along with the impact of Web site performance on both the servicing and the sales of financial products.

Read this report to learn the impactful results that research produced, including:
• User expectations to website performance and page load speed.
• The impact of poor website performance on customer satisfaction.
• The consequences for financial service firms with underperforming sites