Learn How Top Wealth Management Firms Are Overcoming CRM Systems "Shortcomings" and Improving Performance at the Same Time

Authored on: Jan 25, 2012

Download After years of disappointment with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, some top wealth management firms are taking a fresh look at the technology � and discovering a fresh approach that allows them to finally achieve the powerful advantages CRM has long promised.

Find out what these industry leaders have learned by downloading this valuable new briefing paper � �CRM for Wealth Management: New Challenges � and a New Approach � Offer the Opportunity for Substantial Returns.� What you�ll discover is a CRM approach that actually strengthens, rather than jeopardizes, the valuable personal relationships that are so essential to a wealth management firm�s success.

In addition to spelling out the six critical objectives CRM must meet in a wealth management environment, the paper also points out 12 specific capabilities your CRM system should offer to enable you to achieve more personalized service, higher customer retention, higher productivity, and � above all � improved profitability.