8 smart reasons to deploy fully automated agent connectivity

Nov 01, 2007

Download Insurers that use an independent agent channel to handle all, or a sub-set of their sales efforts do so to leverage market knowledge and on-the-ground readiness, receiving the benefits of a broad-based channel with local presence that can reach into even the smallest geographic centers, while avoiding the direct costs of representatives to staff it. The effectiveness of the channel is dependent on all agencies interacting with the carrier in a seamless manner, so that insurance end-use customers do not experience delays, information gaps, errors and poor advice. This in turn demands investment in communication and underwriting technologies. For many insurers the challenge is to balance the costs of such investment with the benefits which will follow. iter8, a market leader in agent connectivity, agent portal and automated underwriting has done extensive research into such systems, arriving at 8 reasons why such investments can make perfect business sense. Review the 8 smart reasons to undertake such investment, and learn what other insurance carriers have identified as the top reasons to act.