Bay Area Internet Solutions

Nov 30, 2009

Download As Bay Area Internet Solutions was quickly becoming an established player in Silicon Valley�s managed services industry, the company�s global customer base�startups to Fortune 500 companies�was continuing to expand and demanding 100% uptime. The company enlisted Emerson Network Power to assist them in building a new 83,000-square-foot facility with an energy-efficient, integrated power, cooling and monitoring solution.

See the steps Emerson Network Power took to achieve the company�s goals of creating the flexibility to expand capacity, greater availability and efficiency without compromise. The plan included engineering an efficient power and cooling infrastructure capable of supporting capacities as high as 300 kW per square foot; capitalizing on a redundant, N+1 power architecture to ensure 99.999% availability; leveraging an on-site monitoring system to optimize equipment operation and service responsiveness; and integrating power protection equipment with standard energy-efficient transformers capable of achieving 98.7% efficiency.


Emerson Network Power