Reducing Data Center Energy Consumption by Creating Savings that Cascade Across Systems

Aug 24, 2009

Download This paper introduces the concept of the �cascade effect� and describes how it can be used to cut data center energy costs by 50% or more. Emerson Network Power came up with this vendor-neutral roadmap for optimizing data center efficiency, called Energy Logic, by applying the top ten energy-saving opportunities to a 5,000-square-foot data center model based on real-world technologies and operating parameters.

Outlining this sequential approach to reducing energy costs, this paper includes guidelines to removing the three most critical constraints faced by data center managers today: power, cooling and space. These strategies free up two-thirds of floor space, one-third of UPS capacity and 40% of precision cooling capacity, creating a facility that can produce the same level of performance with significantly less power and space. Additionally, all of the technologies used in the Energy Logic approach are available today and many can be phased into the data center as part of regular technology upgrades/refreshes, minimizing capital expenditures.