Modeling the Virtual Data Center

by elastra

Nov 01, 2009

Download The transition to cloud computing is not simply about outsourcing or applying old technology to new IT processes, it signals a shift in how IT is designed and delivered. The ultimate value of cloud computing is realized by significantly reducing lead times needed to deliver critical business services. And, to realize this value, a new approach to modeling the new �virtual� data center should be considered.

The quickest path to model-driven automation within the virtual data center is the Elastra Cloud Server. ECS is an enterprise IT platform for data center modeling and software deployment automation across multiple virtual environments all from a single console.

Reduce Provisioning Errors & Improve Application Delivery Times: Using ECS eliminates errors and increases the speed at which applications can be deployed and maintained across data centers by creating reusable and portable application models

Increase Operational Compliance: Preserve existing role-based access policies by integrating them with new cloud environments and maintain compliance with IT governance policies by centrally controlling usage of resources

By modeling your data center with The Elastra Cloud Server and by using ECS to design and provision applications for enterprise business requirements you control who manages your infrastructure, what systems are being provisioned, how applications are designed and configured, and where and when they are deployed.