Success in the Next Wave of Federal Data Center Consolidation - Solutions Brief

Feb 22, 2013

Download ThunderCat teamed with the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Chief Technology Officer, J. Travis Howerton, to talk about how the Department of Energy's NNSA is achieving energy savings and other benefits by implementing data center consolidation within a cloud computing environment.

"Success in the Next Wave of Data Center Consolidation" solution brief is now available. Included is Government viewpoint on delivering IT energy savings and Industry viewpoint on 5 key lessons learned for Data Center Consolidation.

"By leveraging the toolbox of the 21st Century, which I think consist of four things-cloud computing, mobility, social computing, and big data/analytic - you can foundationally improve the effectiveness of your mission execution."

J. Travis Howerton, Chief Technology Officer, NNS

"People need to know how things are changing when you consolidate data centers, so you need to communicate with people and get the organizational impact understood. Get security involved early and often."

Frank Hum, ThunderCat Chief Architect


Thundercat Technology, NetApp