The State of The Modern Data Center: Transforming IT into a Strategic Business Asset

by Equinix

Mar 20, 2014

Download To leverage the full potential of today's data centers, progressive technology decision makers are transforming traditional facilities into core business assets that support revenue-generating initiatives and other long-term goals. This and other important trends that reflect how enterprise executives are aiming to expand their use of managed, colocation and third-party cloud services are explored in detail in "The State of the Modern Data Center," a comprehensive new study by UBM Tech that surveyed nearly 450 IT decision makers and senior executives from enterprises across a range of sizes and vertical markets. The research found that IT leaders are pursuing new ways to blend cost control, IT agility, security, high availability and improved disaster recovery by mixing in-house, colocation and managed services. The results of this exclusive survey show how many IT executives are poised to make fundamental changes to their data center strategies so they can reallocate valuable IT resources to better serve current business needs and create a foundation for future growth.