Delivering Transformative Value to Enterprise VDI

Sep 12, 2012

Download You've already invested valuable resources in establishing a world-class Citrix environment. So how do you expect to match the new Citrix HDX capabilities you've licensed with an endpoint solution that can fully meet the needs and expectations of your users?

How can you enable non-traditional devices like network monitors, consumer set-top boxes, shop floor equipment, kiosks and hospital workstations-on-wheels to be able to display virtual apps and desktops directly, without the need for a costly and hard to manage full PC as the endpoint? How do you dramatically cut the cost of Citrix HDX endpoint devices by as much as two thirds without sacrificing performance or functionality?

The solution is here. Download this paper to read how the first family of HDX Ready thin clients featuring advanced HDX System-on-Chip technology allows NComputing to deliver 100% of the HDX experience at one third the cost of other options.


Ncomputing, Inc.