PC Deployment Cost and Savings Calculator

Jan 13, 2012

Download Do you know your current PC deployment cost? Based on a study of 250 organizations around the world by IDC Research, this ROI calculator has been built to show you how much PC deployments cost you and how much you can save by moving to different levels of automation.

IDC research shows that the average deployment cost is $615 per PC, and costs exceeding $700 are not uncommon. Further, by adopting a higher level of maturity, organizations can reduce IT costs by up to 55%.

3 easy steps to know your PC deployment cost and how much you can save:
1. The calculator walks you through different stages of deployment. You can choose your current maturity/automation levels per stage of deployment. Required fields are company name, industry, geographic location (North America, Europe etc) Make changes to the number of people who are involved in PC deployments and their salary levels. The data defaults to the average in your geography and industry, based on IDC's study.
2. You'll see a matrix of how you stack up against the overall matrix of deployment stages and automation, along with Dell's recommendations
3. Know your current PC deployment cost and number of PCs deployed per technician, along with how much you can save by going up the maturity model