Next Generation Datacenter Transformation Strategy

Oct 01, 2008

Download Today�s IT organizations face a dual challenge of "keeping the lights on" while providing "new services" at unprecedented rates with reduced investment support from the business. At the same time the very business model of IT is changing �how applications, content, information, and infrastructure are delivered.

These demands and changes must account for the fact that external facing customer experience and corporate branding, as well as internal operational systems, depends heavily on the datacenter for services. Disruptions in this service can literally induce significant financial losses or even paralyze an organization completely.

One of the biggest barriers to business execution and innovation today is managing datacenter complexity. This forces the largest IT investment spend to be focused on keeping the lights on and containing infrastructure sprawl. To avoid missed expectations and disappointment within the business user community, the enterprise must focus a majority of its time and invest dollars on innovating and differentiating business.


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