The Business Case for ASP

Oct 01, 2008

Download Over the past several years, the investment management industry has revealed its appreciation for the increasingly sophisticated and secure solutions offered by leading application service providers (ASPs). Within some of the industry's largest asset management firms and third party administrators, the ASP model for investment accounting and portfolio management systems has proven itself many times over - currently processing trillions in assets and gaining increased adoption with each passing year. An alternative to costlier installed platforms or complete business-process outsourcing packages, ASP's hosted model gives companies access to top-flight software applications that facilitate such integral processes as trading, portfolio management, compliance, performance measurement attribution, investment accounting and transfer agency, while also offering complete hardware/software maintenance, support and disaster recovery-all without compromising a company's need for control. Today's leading ASP providers have the scale necessary to stay on top of cutting-edge solutions. This means ASP clients can benefit from many current IT initiatives ranging, from data mirroring and replication, to disk-to-disk backups and virtualization, all utilizing Internet bandwidth. It also means that technology providers can deliver new technology and functionality to their ASP clients faster than to their installed clients by leveraging their ASP infrastructure.