Next-Gen Load Balancing: 8 Things You Need to Handle Today's Network Traffic

Oct 12, 2010

Download Don't keep making excuses for that tired load balancer that's holding back your network. Because now you have access to appliances that not only provide 100% availability through full Layer 7 awareness and intelligent traffic management, but also deliver your web apps with the highest performance and security possible. Before you make any decisions, download this complimentary guide, which helps you understand the 8 most critical things you need to know when replacing your old load balancer.

You�ll learn: What �must-have� services and functionality you need in your next appliance, How next-gen app delivery appliances are now capable of managing traffic while dramatically increasing performance and security, and How other companies have benefited by replacing their legacy load balancer with the newest and best technology.

You'll also learn why Citrix NetScaler should be at the top of your consideration list; as a single appliance that delivers apps with the highest availability, performance and security, NetScaler offers a highly competitive solution.


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