Back to the Future: The New IT Infrastructure Opportunity

by Avocent

Jul 28, 2011

Download As we look out into future of the IT infrastructure landscape, it is becoming ever clearer that we are rein-venting our past. The legacy of the IT industry took shape around the concepts of centralized computing, in which the computing intelligence was warehoused in a consolidated fashion in data centers filled with mainframes, and the user was relegated to the large "green screen" entry terminals where the data was entered at the desk but stored back in the data center.

As the technology grew in capability and shrank in physical size and cost, we entered the realm of distributed computing models. We added more intelligence to the workstations, added storage capabilities and pushed out the applications to end clients and allowed for the data to be stored in a distributed manner.

This approach allowed for more autonomy by workers and improved performance of workers, functioning within the confines of their capabilities on their desktop computers.

This growth in distributed computing grew even more rapidly as the technology allowed for mobile devices and enabled the workers to take their work home, on the road or wherever they needed to work.

One can even argue now, that as the technology continues to evolve, we are enabling even more mobilization of the data through the advancements of handheld devices and PDAs.