Cash N Go - Leading the ISO industry in customer service reliability with INETCO Insight

May 10, 2010

Download Cash �N Go processes thousands of financial transactions for their customers each day, generated from a variety of rural communities and major city centers. Their core business is built on guaranteeing the continuous uptime and reliability of all their ATMs in a cost effective manner. Some of the operational challenges associated with efficiently running this growing, nation-wide ATM network include: * Managing the performance of rural community dial-up ATMs * Quickly isolating the source of payment transaction issues * Determining the transaction issue scope and assigning priority to open trouble tickets This case study details how INETCO Insight helped Cash N Go lead the ISO industry in: � Exceptional customer service reliability � Optimized business transaction management processes � Improved dial-up ATM uptime reliability � Significantly decreased transaction failure error rates � Reduced average Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) � Improved assignment and prioritization of trouble tickets � Quick isolation of root cause transaction issues Here�s what Cash N Go has to report: �INETCO Insight has helped Cash N Go mitigate customer service risk and differentiate itself from other ISO�s by enabling proactive management of our customer�s transaction environments. With visibility into the complete end-to-end payment transaction path, it is easy for us to quickly ascertain where the problem lies, and whose job it is to fix it.� - Angie Mercier, CFO - Cash N Go


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