Data Center Infrastructure Management

by Avocent

Jul 31, 2011

Download Today's data centers are no longer just an enabler to the business; they can often provide corporations with competitive advantages and are the underpinnings to corporate success. Effective data center infrastructure management strategies can propel the efficiency, utilization, and availability of data center assets and services. However, a fundamental rethinking of the relationships between facilities and IT infrastructure components, that provides consistent and predictable levels of efficiency, utilization, and availability to their respective organizations, needs to occur.

While both IT and facilities organizations have invested heavily in technology resources (people, processes, and tools) to manage the data center infrastructure, they have failed to achieve the promise and potential due to critical gaps between their data center facilities and IT infrastructure components.

A new perspective on managing the critical infrastructure gaps is emerging that recognizes:
• The importance of real-time data to understand the true capacity of available infrastructure
• The criticality of interdependencies between logical and physical layers
• The need for holistic management capabilities and visibility of IT and facilities infrastructures
• The need for more powerful management tools that offer a rich, visual view of the infrastructure and can guide design and change management

This forward-looking perspective will be the guiding force behind new data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions from industry leaders such as Emerson Network Power®.