Embracing Clouds, Avoiding Storms

Jan 28, 2010

Download The discussion around cloud computing has become widespread as more and more organizations consider adopting the technology. With cloud computing, users of various types of devices--including PCs, laptops, smart phones, and PDAs--access programs, storage, processing, and even application development platforms over a private network or the Internet. Vendors, analysts, bloggers, and users are all excited about the technology and the opportunities it affords--and it�s not just talk. Cloud computing is poised to change both the landscape of IT solutions and even the business models that underpin successful software and hardware companies. In fact, IDC expects that, in the next five years, spending on IT cloud services will grow almost threefold, reaching $42 billion by 2012 and account for nine percent of revenues in five key market segments. The options and value of cloud computing are becoming a real and important part of enterprise IT solutions today.


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