Learn Why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Makes Sense for Engineering Applications

May 01, 2014

Download Lots of desktop applications are moving to datacenters to take advantage of virtualization. Many people view desktop virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as an edge solution geared more toward simple Windows-based, Office-like applications. But many hard-core engineering apps run on UNIX, with the misperception being that they aren't appropriate for VDI.

So why not VDI for hard-core engineering applications?

In this white paper, industry analyst Brian Madden brings his easy-reading style to explore why that hasn't happened yet for UNIX and LINUX-based engineering applications. The white paper highlights recent changes in technology that make desktop virtualization of graphically intensive engineering applications worth a look.

Download this white paper to learn about:

• The Benefits of Data Center-Based Desktop Virtualization
• Roadblocks to Data Center-Based Desktop Virtualization
• How Virtualization Can Deliver High-End UNIX and Linux Engineering Applications-Anywhere