Optimizing VDI Success: The Network Factor

Jul 25, 2014

Download As organizations seek to continue leveraging the advantages of virtualization technologies, many are embracing virtualization of end user desktops via approaches such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). But while VDI solutions promise significant security and operational efficiency improvements, they also bring with them unique deployment challenges. If organizations hope to reap the full benefit of a VDI deployment, they must assure the best possible end-user experience, or adoption will stall and the project will fail. The network plays a critical role in making that a reality, particularly when trying to extend VDI deployments to remote/branch sites where WAN links will be a part of the connectivity picture. This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES whitepaper examines the challenges of VDI in the branch and how Riverbed solutions are designed to ensure that the network can deliver on the promise of VDI.