Ready Your Infrastructure for the Cloud

by Avocent

Jul 29, 2011

Download We have all heard the incredible predictions for and forecasted adoption rates of cloud computing:
• IDC estimates the market for cloud products and services growing to $56B by 2014.
• Gartner more optimistically estimates the cloud market at $150B by 2013.
• AMI's research estimates that SMB cloud spending alone will reach $100B by 2014.

Is this hype or has the cloud arrived? Before we can answer that question, we will need to take a step back and explore just what this thing called "cloud" really is and what organizations hope to gain from it.

Companies today want to use cloud technology to make their businesses more efficient, hoping to deliver apps, storage, computing power and infrastructure on demand. Unfortunately, many organizations are letting the bright promise of cloud distract them from first ensuring that their existing infrastructures are up for the challenge. Before companies can make the cloud commitment, they need to assess their current processes and procedures.

In this paper, we will look into:
• What trends in the data center are driving a need for cloud computing?
• What has happened in technology to make this the perfect time for cloud?
• How prepared is my data center infrastructure to reap the benefits of the cloud?

We will also outline some trends and technologies that make the environment ripe for cloud as well as some tips for preparing your network for the cloud.