Running Business-Critical PHP Applications on the Cloud with High Availability (HA)

by Zend

Sep 01, 2011

Download In this white paper, we describe in detail the three key areas you need to understand to successfully launch and manage business-critical PHP applications in the cloud.

� How to understand and minimize complexity when migrating PHP applications to the cloud

� A customizable best-practices approach to deploying and managing PHP applications in the cloud for High Availability

� A joint solution from RightScale and Zend that helps organizations deploy and manage PHP applications in the cloud

Organizations are attracted to cloud computing because the technology gives them a highly available resource that can power business agility many times faster than traditional on-premise infrastructure investment. Applications can be launched quickly and efficiently in the cloud to meet dynamic demand, providing companies with an edge in areas such as new product development or supporting marketing campaigns. Better yet, the cloud can help IT organizations deliver expected application performance and high availability with less strain on tightly-budgeted capital and human resources.

RightScale and Zend have teamed up to provide organizations with a faster process for deploying their PHP applications on the cloud with a pre-configured open Platform as a Service (PaaS). This solution provides a process to quickly initiate a pre-configured, 3-tier high availability (HA) architecture while maintaining the ability to customize and control the cloud environment if needed.