Accelerating Business Application Development: Download The Whitepaper

Feb 01, 2014

Download Plenty of studies show that over 50% of organizations will increase their investments in cloud services over the next couple years. But did you know it does even more than increase agility and reduce costs when applied to dev/test? The challenges you face, from configuration difficulties to optimizing infrastructure hurdles, are eliminated with instant access to cloud-based environments built for business application development and testing. Now your line of business application can move into the fast lane, and keep pace with web and mobile app dev projects.

This whitepaper will illustrate how adopting cloud-based development and testing approaches for your organization will ensure you close the gap between idea and implementation. Your business will be on the way to releasing updates and new applications, and taking advantage of new opportunities, faster than ever before. This whitepaper explains the benefits to be gained from using cloud dev/test environments to accelerate business application development:

� Understand how infrastructure is holding you back
� Break through the build process logjam
� Use 'Portable IT Environments' to keep your team moving fast
� Overcome barriers to change