The Future of Enterprise Networks

Aug 19, 2012

Download The vision of having one global communications network that covers the earth and allows anyone to get access to any information anytime, anywhere, and on any device is closer today than ever.

However, fulfilling that vision has its issues.

Cloud computing has led to a large-scale integration of information resources across the globe. We are living in a world where everything � from smartphones to tablets to buildings, cars and appliances � is connected to the Internet. Entities connected to the network are more diverse. Network traffic is more diverse. And, the network is smarter. This integration of information calls for smarter, more complex systems to efficiently run the network.

Also, this one network vision � and the adoption of cloud computing � continues to tax networks with increasingly diverse workloads and devices. Enterprises are being forced to achieve a balance between cost control, operational efficiency, and overall user experience.

As we move toward more efficient cloud computing, learn how standards � along with support for network convergence and collaboration — can help the vision become a reality.