Top Considerations for Moving to a Cloud Delivery Model for ITSM

Oct 02, 2013

Download Software-as-a-service is more than just a cloud-based delivery model - it's a new approach to service that lets companies optimize utilization of in-house IT resources while providing service more effectively. But is SaaS-based IT service management (ITSM) right for your organization?

This paper discusses key considerations for moving from a traditional software delivery model to SaaS. Topics include:

� How to decide whether in-house ITSM or SaaS is the right choice for you, including factors such as available IT resources, your capital and operational budgets, and your functional requirements.

� Identifying the key drivers for SaaS adoption and determining how relevant they may be for your organization.

� Understanding your requirements for flexibility in how and when you transition to SaaS delivery.

� Why you might need to move over time among on-premise, SaaS-based, and fully outsourced ITSM models, and how to identify solutions that make this possible.

� Elements of an effective SaaS delivery model for ITSM, from tools to database to integration.

� How to address security-related concerns with a SaaS model.

� Defining the vision for your ITSM strategy moving forward, and ensuring that the solution you deploy will be able to support it.