What Separates Network Provider Leaders From Laggards? A WAN Buyer's Guide

May 22, 2013

Download When making a WAN purchase decision, you should consider more than just price per bit but also latency, availability and scalability. The key is developing a Smart WAN, an intelligent, elastic and adaptable network environment.

On an ever-increasing basis, the productivity of your organization is contingent on your network?s ability to intelligently manage your traffic. To make sure that it helps you elevate productivity, hone process execution and grow your customer base, you should carefully consider how each WAN purchase impacts the overall network architecture. Avoid the pain of an "accidental architecture," a network design that is created when you purchase what is easiest to install, or react to changes in your business by acquiring more of the technology you now have without considering future application needs.

Enterprise IT teams should be evaluating their WANs for visibility and management, performance in regard to bandwidth and application support, and scalability. In collaboration with your network service provider, you can rethink your WAN architecture and establish a network that will handle Big Data and serve as a catalyst for making good decisions.

To help with that decision, Level 3 has developed a set of question that we believe can help you evaluate providers. We've included those questions in this guide, along with explanation of why each of these infrastructure or provider characteristic is important.


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