The Imperative to Adopt a More Service-Oriented Performance Management Strategy

Feb 04, 2013

Download The traditional approach to IT management has been to focus on individual technology domains and elements such as Application Performance Management(APM) or Network Performance Management (NPM). Even in the historical IT environment where a key role of IT was to manage client/server applications hosted

on a physical server in the organization�s data center, this approach had many significant limitations. It is expensive, tends to lengthen the time it takes to resolve complex problems and doesn�t accurately measure user experience.

The primary goal of this white paper is to help IT organizations adopt a management methodology that enables them to improve the user experience. This methodology features a top-down approach and focuses on service delivery in which a service is comprised of the following four components:

•  Either a multi-tier application or multiple applications
•  Supporting protocols
•  Enabling network services, e.g., DNS, DHCP
•  The end-to-end network


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