The Consumerization of the Enterprise

Jun 07, 2010

Download Outlines and explains key areas for why the enterprise lacks the user-centric design of the consumer side. It will also provide practical data for how a better user experience in the enterprise can create a strategic advantage for an organization: � Digital consumer experiences are driving demand for richer enterprise experiences � As younger generations continue to enter the workforce, they expect to be able to connect and network online in their work lives and cannot tolerate the basic functionality many enterprise systems currently provide. � The commoditization and off-shoring of IT is almost entirely focused on cost and not the user experience, which may hurt businesses in the long run because of the inferior online enterprise systems that result. � The structure of enterprise IT is not a user-centric approach thanks to a reliance on legacy systems that are outmoded and do not incorporate Web 2.0 technology such as rich internet applications. � For companies that can create a more user-centric enterprise system, they will create a strategic differentiator that will help the business grow and capture market share.