Onsite Social for Online Commerce

May 26, 2010

Download Onsite Social for Online Commerce, produced by leader in onsite social shopping TurnTo Networks, provides online retailers with insight and best practices for adopting onsite social strategies that build consumer trust and loyalty while driving conversions. The whitepaper presents a set of core principles to guide online retailers through the integration of their online stores with popular social networks � a strategy TurnTo refers to as �Onsite Social� � that increase the value of social initiatives and deliver measurable results. The study also shows new ways merchants can use Social Shopping on their online stores to deepen relationships with their customers. Through this whitepaper's detailed insights into today's rapidly evolving social shopping environment, online retailers will learn the following: � What roles Social Merchandising and Social Purchase Sharing play in executing an effective onsite social strategy � Why they can�t ignore the onsite part of social shopping � Why building a brand presence within social networks may be missing the most powerful use of social networks � How to leverage the fact that friends are the most trusted source of information on purchasing decisions � How they can deepen engagement on their own sites to drive conversions � How Onsite Social Shopping works in different ways to meet and address a wide variety of common sales challenges � How to integrate their online store with their social network presence to leverage the opportunity of friend-powered shopping