eDiscovery Compliance and Its New Requirements: The IT Manager's Guide to 100% Compliance

Dec 31, 2010

Download Email messages, attachments, and electronically stored information (ESI) are discoverable and may be used as evidence in litigation. The US federal court system clarified electronic discovery rules and requirements with the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Some 30 US state courts and Canada�s provincial courts have followed suit and enacted rules to define the role eDiscovery plays in state and provincial court systems. In this MessageLabs white paper, you�ll learn how to navigate eDiscovery challenges imposed by North American courts.

In addition to legal compliance, there are a dozen regulatory and business reasons to retain and archive email. Learn how to preserve, protect, and produce trustworthy, tamperproof, legally valid email to meet your regulatory requirements and business needs.

You�ll also learn five eDiscovery compliance tips that every US and Canadian organization should adhere to. Know and adhere to the record retention and eDiscovery rules imposed by federal, state, provincial, and territorial courts, as well as government and industry regulators. Establish written policies governing record retention and disposition. Educate employees about business records. Support policy and training with archiving technology to ensure the automatic preservation and speedy production of email and other electronic evidence.

Your organization�s ability to formally define, effectively retain, and successfully archive electronic business records is one of the most important jobs you can undertake. Unmanaged email and other ESI can trigger financial, productivity, and legal nightmares should your organization find itself embroiled in a workplace lawsuit. Learn best practices.


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