Remote Files Sharing by Windows Or Samba Over SSH tunnel

Jun 08, 2007

Download The problem of providing remote access to files is nothing new, but the implementation of the solution often also determines reliability, safety and productivity. If you are not comfortable with the security of your data (files content, passwords etc.) sent by Windows SMB or Unix Samba over the networks, the encrypted SSH (the Secure Shell) could be your panacea. Another reason to use SSH is its widespread implementation and reliability. Finally, there are situations when SSH is the only means of getting access to resources when all other ports are blocked by the firewall. PHP developers using PhpED, NuSphere�s PHP IDE, are familiar with PhpED�s PHP IDE SSH functionality, which allows them to use SSH to access remote computers directly from the IDE. In this article we will look at accessing a remote computer (Unix, Linux or Windows) over non-trusted networks.