The Wild, Wild Web: How to Ensure 360-Degree Border Security

Apr 14, 2010

Download Web, email, and IM pose serious threats to the modern organization. Most organizations lack the necessary resources required to protect their borders from the level of threat stemming from multiple vectors. Whether authorized or unauthorized, uncontrolled use of public networks exposes organizations to risks that can compromise productivity, profitability, business continuity and customer trust. Accidental or deliberate data leakage, inappropriate use and regulatory non-compliance are very real dangers. Most organizations probably do not feel that they have anything that would cause them to be a target of an attack.

Most public examples of blended threats include major companies and large amounts of data. That does not mean that small businesses should not worry about the threat. There are some severe consequences that businesses could face should they fall victim to an attack including downtime, loss of data, loss of consumer trust and ultimately business.

This paper will discuss the complex threats to the modern enterprise, especially the unique Web threat variants that come at an organization from several vectors at once. This paper will also describe why more varied and specialized resources are needed to defend against the modern threat. Most organizations cannot secure their border alone, just as a single citizen cannot protect the entire United States by themselves. This is where Symantec Hosted Services can shift the balance and give an organization its own �Homeland Security� department in order to defend and protect its corporate network from the threats out in the wild, wild Web.


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