Writing Voice Mashups with Amazon Turks

Jun 16, 2008

Download A few short years ago, communications applications required millions of dollars, teams of highly skilled engineers, access to networks, and many months of time. Telephony Mashups rewrite that equation, and make it possible to blend communications services into applications quickly and easily. In this workshop, led by 2007 O'Reilly Mashup Winner Thomas Howe, we look at how these mashups are created, and at the implementation details in depth. Using After Hours Doctor's Office as an example, every part of the mashup will be reviewed in code-level detail, including a Voice XML front end, the software interfaces to the Amazon Mechanical Turk nurses, and mapping displays to help direct the patient to a local health care facility. The attendees will leave with a good understanding of the technology and effort required to write their own compelling application.


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