Cosmopolitan: Interactive Media Portal for Women

by Bitrix

Jun 05, 2010

Download The new Cosmopolitan portal has been developed by IMSM team and Bitrix Site Manager. Independent Media Sanoma Magazines (IMSM) is a leading publisher, originally founded by a group of Dutch investors in 1992. The IMSM portfolio includes more than 50 magazines, newspapers and other print media issues. IMSM�s most successful and well-known brands in European and Russian print media are Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harvard Business Review, International Herald Tribune, Men's Health, National Geographic Traveler, and The Moscow Times. The Cosmopolitan portal was thought of as of a modern fashion guide, a counselor, an astute stylist and a close friend for every Cosmopolitan reader. Interactive Web resource meant a lot of online socializing for staff with readers, as well as appropriate feedback and support on the Cosmopolitan portal: a Web resource that allows interactive communication; communities, forums and blogs with simple navigation and structure; flexible access permissions for registered users and non-registered visitors; feedback channels convenient for Cosmopolitan readers; and polls, surveys, and questionnaires that are easy to update.