Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor

Aug 18, 2010

Download Savvion�s performance in the BPM Decision Matrix benchmarking proves that small, specialist vendors can excel in this format. Founded in 1994, Savvion was privately-held until January 2010, when it was acquired by Progress Software.

Over the last decade and a half, Savvion has garnered a reputation for innovation, embracing all process patterns, regardless of whether they are centred on documents, systems, human interactions, projects, decisions, cases or events.

Today, Savvion�s BPM Suite is an integrated set of modules for process modelling, documentation, automation, optimisation, and monitoring. The suite is segmented into three principal areas, each corresponding to a stage in a typical process lifecycle:

� process discovery and analysis, traditionally associated with business analysts;
� automation of process execution, carried out by process developers;
� process optimisation tasks, typically involving line-of-business executives.