Examining Social Media Strategy And Architecture

Jul 20, 2009

Download Social media has created a paradigm shift from a �one-to-many� broadcast model to a �many-to-many� conversational model of customer interaction, and this shift necessitates a change in how organizations interact and communicate across their value chain � employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. The rapid adoption of social media and social networking, and the increasing demand for more customer interaction is compelling organizations to develop a well-thought-out social media strategy and presence consistent with the organization�s strategic objectives, culture, and values. Organizations still need to plan and develop corporate marketing and product strategies, but with the advent of the social media groundswell, they also need to incorporate a social media and community building component into these strategies in order to adapt to the change in how customers, partners, suppliers,and even competitors are interacting. In this paper, Slalom Consulting examines the business benefits of social media and propose a reference architecture that can help organizations develop their social media strategy and presence.