The ROI of Managed Video Services: Reduced Costs and Improved Security

by ADT

Apr 01, 2011

Download Savvy users of video surveillance technology are allowing security teams to do more with less, resulting in a rapid and demonstrable Return-On-Investment (ROI). Now with technology advances including better cameras, analytics, and IP protocols, the proactive capabilities of video surveillance are opening up, providing the opportunity to decrease costs through remote monitoring and managed services. For example:

� The increasingly popular approach of software as a service (SaaS), or cloud computing now includes Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service, relieving businesses of the burden of paying for expensive infrastructure, managing software upgrades, and the cost of support staff.

� Many duties once handled by live guards can be transferred to the security professionals at a remote monitoring station, a significant ROI over actual guards who must be paid for full shifts.

� "Video escorts" can monitor employees to or from their vehicle - virtually "on call" whenever and wherever they're needed.

This whitepaper studies the evolution of video surveillance, the many roles of remotely managed security services and the benefits of more targeted coverage across a myriad of video surveillance applications.