The Case For Third-Party Archiving In Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

by Google

Nov 09, 2009

Download The archiving capabilities in Exchange 2010 are a good start, but they are more or less a first-generation offering that will not satisfy the needs of many organizations, particularly those in mixed environments. As a result, most organizations will still need the varied capabilities provided in third-party archiving solutions that will support Exchange 2010 and earlier versions of Exchange, as well as other mail and collaboration systems. This white paper has three primary goals: educate decision-makers about the critically important role that e-mail and other content archiving plays in minimizing risk and lowering the cost of doing business; educate them about the capabilities of archiving in Exchange 2010; and educate them about why third-party archiving solutions will continue to be necessary. This document also presents a brief overview of Google, a leading vendor that provides archiving solutions that work well in Exchange environments.