InformationWeek U.S. IT Salary Survey 2008

Apr 28, 2008

Download Blame the weakening economy, outsourcing, retiring baby boomers, and an industry-wide mismatch of skills with job titles. Or call it a blip in a nervous economy. No matter what, the results of the 2008 U.S. IT Salary Survey are not pretty. Salaries for business technology professionals are falling. For the first time since InformationWeek began studying salary trends 11 years ago, median pay for the average IT professional has dropped year over year. The good news is that the drop is a modest one for IT staff and managers. From 2007 to 2008, median base pay for IT staff fell to $73,000 from $74,000, and for managers it dropped from $97,000 to $96,000. The stagnation in pay seems to have caused a drop in levels of satisfaction with pay and jobs overall, though many IT professionals are still feeling secure in their positions and optimistic about IT as a career path. In times like these, it is more crucial than ever for IT employees to take charge of their own professional growth.

This InformationWeek Analytics report provides an unparalleled view into trends in IT salaries and compensation plans. With more than 9,000 respondents, the research explores IT compensation and benefits trends across 20 IT job functions and management positions. Findings are segmented according to the job functions of managers and staff for the most comprehensive analysis possible.

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