Next-Generation Technology for Videoconferencing Over IP and 3G Networks

by Vidyo

Jun 01, 2008

Download The convergence of multimedia technology with the Internet and the rapid adoption of broadband IP services for both consumer and enterprise communications is creating strong demand for improved digital media delivery. Video is at the forefront for home users as well as enterprise knowledge workers. Both constituencies are now demanding higher quality and easier-to-use video telephony and videoconferencing solutions. As a result, vendor and service provider interest is exploding along several different deployment and service models.

Video-telephony and videoconferencing have never reached their full potential in either the enterprise market or the consumer space because the technology has been hampered by network issues and video quality limitations. While the ultimate acceptance of video communications will rely on IP protocols and packet-switched networks, video compression technology has been based on designs and thinking associated with traditional circuitswitched networks. H.264-SVC is new technology that combines the elegant performance of H.264 with the network resiliency and scalability that come with scalable video coding. H.264-SVC can be implemented with today�s industry-standard, low-cost hardware platforms and promises to take video communications to the enterprise desktop as well as the 3G mobile videophone.