CIO strategies for end user computing: Maximizing productivity without sacrificing security

Aug 14, 2012

Download As advances in mobility and client computing technology extend from the home into the work place, the classroom and even into government entities, CIOs should consider seriously the opportunities for increased productivity and communication with customers and constituents, as well as understand the increased security risks posed by online, anytime access to private networks and data.

Read this paper to learn more about how CIOs can proactively respond to these trends by developing and implementing a rolling, comprehensive, cost effective 3-5 year strategic plan for end user computing. By increasing end user productivity and maintaining IT control through better end point management, IT staffers can help mitigate security risks from the mobile device to the data center.

In this paper, learn more about how Dell provides best practices for creating tangible, cost effective end user computing strategies that respond to an evolving workforce.