Continuous Compliance For Smartphones and Tablets

Sep 01, 2011

Download The foundation of Mobile Device Management (MDM) begins with the ability to set basic policies, view data about your devices, and take manual action if a device does not meet certain parameters.

This reactive approach to secure management has worked fine for some time, but the sheer growth and diversity of mobile devices that organizations are tasked with managing has created the need to become more proactive. Companies in more regulated industries face increasing pressures to enforce corporate compliance to standards such as FINRA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS for a broad range of consumer mobile devices, without expanding their own resources.

They need to be able to enforce minimum operating system versions, encryption use, detect jailbroken and rooted devices automatically, and take action without getting IT involved every time. With the right process and tools, they can automatically block email access, restrict device features and the apps on the device, and even wipe the device if the situation demands it.

Download this solution brief to learn how to easily define and implement continuous compliance rules for iOS and Android devices to deal with specific events, contextual changes, and mobile security threats.