Controlling Wireless Costs With Any Connection Reporting: Supporting Three Dimensions of Mobile Intelligence

Mar 17, 2010

Download Employees today are connecting their laptops to the Internet from everywhere: homes and offices, airports and train stations, hotels and retail stores, street corners and moving cars.

These mobile workers expect simple connectivity and fast performance. They expect to be able to use whatever access method is most convenient, but they don�t pay much attention to cost or security. So it is no surprise that wireless costs are spiraling upward, while security concerns grow.

Unfortunately, most organizations can�t make intelligent decisions about how to contain rising costs and security concerns, because they have no systematic way to track connection and cost data across all of their employees and providers. But there is a way that enterprises can reduce the cost of wireless connectivity and understand user connection behavior even as usage grows, by using MaaS360�s�Any Connection Reporting.

Any�Connection Reporting is being used by organizations to help:
1.�Reduce telecom/carrier costs for 3G data service plans.
2.�Select the most appropriate and cost-effective connectivity plans for employees.
3.�Reduce the number of hourly and daily Wi-Fi connection fees in hotels and public places.
4.�Know their inventory of mobile data devices across users.
5.�Reduce the potential for costly security breaches.

By including�Any Connection Reporting with the MaaS360 Visibility, Control or Mobile service customers can choose the right solution to manage their entire workforce in the most efficient manner.