Delivering And Managing Corporate App Stores

Sep 01, 2011

Download As companies are starting to provision mobile devices for access to corporate email, the next wave of mobility is coming at us in the form of mobile applications. Just as was true with mobile devices infiltrating the corporate environment, the increase of mobile applications is mainly a consumer led phenomenon. But while these applications were initially targeted at social media, entertainment, and personal productivity, the upsurge in handheld tablets has changed the game. With these portable computing devices marrying the benefits of mobility with a legitimate application platform, mobilized versions of enterprise applications are being developed for both tablets and smartphones.

Savvy companies are deploying these commercial applications - along with custom mobile applications - for their lines of business. Doing so empowers them to tap into the unique properties of mobile technologies and interact with the marketplace and transact with customers in innovative ways. After all, through mobile applications, they're able to take advantage of the always-available nature of mobility, along with location, activity and action awareness.

This white paper describes how to empower employees with "enterprise app stores" while managing the full operational and security lifecycle of apps across multiple mobile device platforms.