How to Leverage Consumerization in Your Mobile Enterprise

Sep 09, 2012

Download Consumerization is the name for the trend where employees use their own smartphones, pads, and tablets with their own external data plans and consumer applications to conduct company business. Although not every enterprise IT manager refers to this growing trend as consumerization, most have been confronted by aspects of it. The implications of the widespread use of personal devices in the workplace are forcing changes to the philosophies and practices of IT professionals.

Download "Bring 'em on - The Consumerization of Enterprise Mobility" to find out about the business benefits of extending enterprise data and applications to mobile workers, such as:

� Increasing productivity of remote workers

� Leading to higher customer satisfaction and higher retention rates of talented employees

� Cutting IT costs on operations

Download this white paper so you can proactively manage and secure employees' mobile devices in order to keep data and devices safe.


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