IBM Cognos Mobile: Intelligence On The Go

by IBM

Feb 26, 2013

Download With today's mobile apps, everyone expects information at their fingertips. Your mobile workforce is no different. Mobile workers need business intelligence (BI) data to be available on their smart phones, notebook computers and tablets wherever they are to make information-driven decisions - even when they're not connected to the web or your network.

The IBM Cognos Mobile solution has been delivering relevant information to smart phone for some time now. However, engancements to Cognos Mobile now make it possible for users to interact with trusted BI content on their tablet computers, such as the iPad, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook, for a rich and visual experience that enables uninterrupted productivity.

The ability to use existing BI content and a single authoring environment helps IT keep up with the demands of users to provide them with Cognos Business Intelligence on their device of choice. As a result, mobile decision-making is simple, reliable, and secure.