Mobile Application Management: Meeting the BYOD Challenge

Jul 18, 2012

Download The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has left industries grappling with a new and difficult challenge to their ability to secure mission-critical corporate data and applications. As the lines between work and leisure continue to blur, professionals of all types want to be able to review reports, enter data into applications, and access corporate directories from the same devices on which they capture video of their kids' sports performances.

To meet this demand, IT teams must be able to provision, update, manage, analyze, and report on corporate applications, without impinging on users' privacy rights or damaging end users' personal property. A well-designed Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution enables IT teams to achieve fine-grained control over applications across a range of devices, over every type of network and deployment mode.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Mobile Application Mangement solutions can empower IT with the type of finely tuned architecture needed to meet the BYOD challenge.


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