Pushing it to the streets (or to the Device)

Apr 29, 2010

Download Over the years, it has perfected a technology known as push. Push is the ability to send an email out to a BlackBerry as soon as it is received by an email server rather than having to wait for the Blackberry to poll or pull information from the server based on a preset schedule. The advantages of push are many.

Primary among these are that the BlackBerry does not have to wake up and ask the server if there are any new emails, and that it delivers email to the BlackBerry in near real time. RIM also added the ability to push out calendar appointments as well as address book updates and to synchronize the two functions over the air, again, using push technology. These push capabilities are originated at the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or in the BlackBerry desktop software and the push requests are then sent to the RIM servers which, in turn, send them on to the BlackBerry.