Shifting Performance Strategies and Solutions for Mobile & Web Delivery

by Akamai

Sep 14, 2012

Download Did you know that most companies underutilize services that can improve the performance of Web and mobile architectures, focusing mistakenly on more costly and complex solutions?

That's just one finding in the new independent study: Shifting Performance Strategies and Solutions for Mobile & Web Delivery, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Akamai Technologies.

As users flock to a growing universe of mobile devices, optimizing browsing experiences across platforms has become increasingly costly and challenging. Forrester has identified the questions IT leaders should be asking themselves as they refine mobile strategies for 2013 and beyond. They've provided a range of solutions that you can implement quickly to measure and grow performance across devices and architectures.

Read the study now and see how you can do more with less cost and complexity.