Venturing into iPads for efficiency

Mar 11, 2011

Download Leave employees to their own devices. Embrace non-traditional tablets and mobile devices, using Citrix desktop virtualization, and your traders, brokers, agents, employees�and IT�will thank you.

Your workers will get more done in client meetings and while on-site, using the latest technology of their choice, while IT effortlessly supports them without increasing device management responsibilities.

Embrace the iPad and other mobile computing devices to improve worker productivity and help them create a �paperless office� for high volume transactions, trading and client meetings that also enables them to provide better service to customers.

With Citrix desktop virtualization, IT can develop appropriate security models for employee-owned devices to strengthen the security of sensitive data.

IT will also be able to provide a brilliant high definition user experience on any device, anywhere that increases the impact of customer meetings. So go ahead and get started with your own employee owned device program using Citrix desktop virtualization.